About AGL Counseling
We can only fairly assess a person's true nature when we realize what lies beneath the layers of protection, no matter how harsh to others or self-destructive that person has been, there is a human, a vulnerable person at the core.

AGL Counseling, A Private Practice

Kevin Boren

Kevin Boren LMHC, CDP, LPC, NCC

Kevin gives 100% of his undivided attention to his clients. He cares about you. Your wellness is his primary focus. As a Master's degreed Licensed Professional Counselor, Kevin uses a combination of evidence-based tools to help clients find what they are looking for, whether it is overcoming guilt and shame, self-mastery over any addiction, relationship satisfaction, anxiety management or distress regulation and assertiveness skills, Kevin's experience and passion can help find solutions. He helps you believe in yourself a little more.

This is what I believe



Kevin's practice is based on integrating these three principles 1) best available research evidence, 2) his clinical judgment and experience, and 3) client preferences and values.

Ethical Values

Kevin operates within a set of core values including service, social justice, the dignity and worth of a person, the importance of human relationships, integrity and competence.

Quality of Life

Kevin's practice is guided to change treatment in an effort to improve long-term behavioral outcomes that have a positive impact on the quality of a client's life.